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Car safety measures


A car is definitely one of the biggest investments in anyone’s life. When a considerable amount of money goes into something, it is mandatory that we should take all the necessary measures to safeguard it. It is a fact that we need to accept that most of us are pretty chilled out about this. The magnitude of the problem can be realized by the individual only when something happens to that person. In this article, we will discuss various car safety measures.

Parking sensors and cameras

Most of the latest models have both parking sensors and parking cameras.  There are a lot of people who will be great at driving. But they will find it difficult to park the car. We all know that there are good possibilities that we might scratch or bang the car when we park. This is where the parking sensors and cameras lend a helping hand. If at all we can see the view while parking, then we are totally eliminating the all possible problems. Most of the new cars manufactured today come with these features in default.

Child lock feature

The child lock is one of the must-have features in your cars if there is little one in your house. We all know that leaving the child inside the car is like the epitome of carelessness. The chances of things going wrong are very high. Today’s cars come with a lot of features. Just pressing a small button is enough to create huge accidents.  Hence child safety feature is mandatory for safety purposes. Simple features like child lock will provide all the safety for both your car and your child.

Anti-theft alarms

An anti-theft alarm is one thing that has drastically reduced car theft. Even though it annoys the people around the car with the way it functions, it is something you need to have in your car. Anti-theft alarms work by creating a loud alarm when the car is being opened without the keys. The sensors that are placed in various parts of the car trigger the alarm and alert the people around it. The alarm can be turned off using the remote control.

Electronic tracking system

The electronic tracking system is one of the latest technologies that you can use to ensure the safety of your car. It is basically a GPS tracking device that is used to track the car everywhere it goes. The device is usually paired with the smartphone. If at all anyone breaks all the safety measures that you have taken for your car and manages to steal it, this electronic tracking system will help you to find the car easily.

Kill switch

A kill switch is a device that can cut the flow of electricity from the battery to the other parts of the car. So even if the thief breaks into your car, he won’t be able to start the car and take it somewhere else. Cutting the flow of electricity does not allow functions like ignition to happen, because the spark plug needs electricity to function. Using the kill switch is one of the easiest and simplest ways to protect your car.

Automobile maintenance tips


One of the biggest inventions that man has come up with is the automobile. It has made our lives easier. Today we have come to a point where we cannot live without automobiles. They have become an integral part of our lives that we use on a daily basis.

Do we love automobiles? Yes, we do. Do we love buying them? Yes everyone would love to have the latest in their garage. Are we maintaining it properly? This is one question that most of us have to give a negative answer. In this article, we will discuss some automobile maintenance tips.

Check your owner’s manual

This is one place where more than ninety percent of the people go wrong. They don’t even look at the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual furnishes every information that you need to know. It not just provides you with information it also gives you the tips and recommendations from the manufacturer who knows the vehicle more than anyone else.

Tire pressure

One of the things that should be checked before starting the vehicle is tire pressure. Tires that are not inflated properly will cause a lot of issues. Some of them include tire might burst, it affects the lifetime of the tires, and it damages the rims. The amount how much you should inflate the tires will be given in the user manual.

Change your oil

The main purpose of oil in an automobile is lubrication. If there is no proper lubrication the surfaces of the moving parts come in contact with each other that cause a lot of wear and tear. It also generates a lot of heat that ultimately damages the quality of the parts. Generally, most of the manufacturers recommend changing the oil for every 3000 miles. But if you are subjecting your vehicle to some harsh handling, then it is better to check the oil and change if it is required.

Driving habits

If you want your vehicle to be in the best state, then it better to stick on to certain driving habits and avoid indulging in certain practices. There are a lot of simple things that can create a huge difference. Some of the examples include the constant use of clutch and sudden breaking. Use the clutch when it is necessary that is while changing the gears. There are instances where sudden breaking cannot be avoided. But at the same time by properly concentrating on the road, sudden breaking can be avoided. Both of these actions create a lot of wear and tear to various parts.

Coolant level

The only function of the coolant is to absorb the heat produced in various parts of the engine. If the coolant is not filled properly, then the vehicle will generate a lot of heat which again causes a lot of damage to various parts and sometimes ceases the engine.

Air filter

Air Filter is one of the parts in the vehicle that is subjected to a lot of dust particles. It filters the air that goes inside the engine for better combustion. So it is better to check the air filters periodically and clean them. If it exceeds a certain time, it is mandatory to change them.